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Africa’s quintessential African Safari destination and a true ‘out-of-Africa’ experience in nature’s finest wilderness.

Kenya is known for the Great Migration of wildebeest, lakes lined with flamingos and friendly Masaai tribesmen with their signature scarlet red robes, Kenya truly offers a classically romantic African Safari experience. Kenya is located in the East of Africa and lies on the equator. Scenic rolling hills, long coastlines of beautiful white beaches, scattered with Indian Ocean Islands off the coast as well as the second largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Victoria. Add to that abundant wildlife, including the African Big Five, diverse cultures and you have the perfect African tours and safari destination.

Whether you would like to be adventurous and summit Mount Kenya or relax on the warm beaches on its coast, or enjoy a game drive in the Amboseli or Masai Mara Game Reserves, Kenya offers you an experience of a lifetime. Kenya is known for its luxury tented safari camps and outstanding game lodges, offering an exceptional standard of accommodation and five star service. We will ensure you find your version of perfection in Kenya, whether its for your honeymoon, family holiday or simply a journey to tick off your bucket list.

Highlights of Kenya


Breathtaking vistas & magnificent wildlife in Kenya’s most famous national park.


3 parks in one, forming one of the largest wildlife habitats in Africa.


Kenya’s most visited wildlife destination with a backdrop of Kilimanjaro.


A Rift Valley Lake & paradise for vast flocks of pink flamingos.


On the coast mangrove swamps, rain forests and swaying coconut trees thrive, and inland vast plains of low bush and scrubland – Africa’s famous Acacia trees and wild open vistas. Dense forest and bamboo trees decorate the highlands. Kenya’s wildlife is second to none – the Masai Mara is one of Africa’s most well known national parks, hosting the great migration of wildebeest and countless species in season, and home to rhino, elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard (all of the Big 5) and a huge array of antelope, plains game and magnificent bird species including flamingos, ostriches, vultures and beautiful cranes.


Kenya’s great rift valley is thought to be the place human beings originated and the country is named after Mount Kenya, which originated from the Gĩkũyũ tribe’s name for it, Mount Kirinyaga or ‘God’s resting place’. Masai Tribesmen, pastoralists rearing their cattle across the vast savahhans, are a common sight in their beautiful red robes and offer friendly smiles and expertise in wildlife tracking. Recent troubles have sadly deterred tourists from visiting but the vast majority is unaffected and there are some amazing specials to be found at some of Africa’s finest luxury lodges.


Nairobi is the entry point for most visitors and regional and charter flights can be arranged to the safari airstrips closest to your chosen lodge. Take an air safari, via scheduled domestic airlines (often in small planes with great visibility), or private planes can be chartered for your own exclusive use. If you want more independence, you can easily rent a vehicle for self-drive or with a driver with good roads across most of the country. We strongly recommend going on safari drives with your preferred lodge rather than self drive to enhance your Kenya safari experience.