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The ultimate tropical, laid back beach paradise; feel the sand between your toes, bronze in the sun and read that long lost book.

With the idyllic island chains of the Bazaruto & Quirimbas Archipelagos, it is an ocean-lovers delight boasting some of the finest luxury beach lodges and the best SCUBA diving sites in the world. A tropical beach honeymoon with a wild side as well as elegant luxury, this is your ideal pick for a romantic, adventurous trip of a lifetime. Swim with whale sharks & turtles, dive with manta rays & dugongs or spot humpback whales & dolphins surfing the waves from the comfort of your hammock. Hop onto a dhow from your private villa or luxury beach lodge and sail into the sunset.

Not only about its beaches, Mozambique has a vast array of land-dwelling wildlife and, in fact, used to be one of Africa’s top safari destinations. Due to the 1977-1992 civil war, bringing floods and famine, the country’s wildlife was depleted, but in recent years the country has made a remarkable recovery and has become the ideal bush-to-beach African safari destination with links through Transfrontier National Parks to Kruger in South Africa and Zimbabwe’s Gonarezhou. Perfect for families, ocean-loving adventurers, a romantic escape or beach & bush holiday of a lifetime.

Highlights of Mozambique


The ultimate exclusive private island escape & the most secluded beach destinations in the world.


White sand beaches with crystal azure waters.


A halcyon paradise tucked away on Mozambique’s coast & big game diving


Portuguese influence and world-class beaches and SCUBA destinations.


After the civil war that ensued once Mozambique gained independence from Portugal, the country’s wildlife populations were depleted but are now making a steady recovery. Today, with conservation efforts in the Niassa Reserve and with access to the transfrontier park in Zimbabwe (Gonarezhou) and South Africa‘s Kruger National Park, it is the ideal beach and bush destination. The marine megafauna is outstanding, and Mozambique boasts some of the best SCUBA diving in the world and is also one of the greatest locations to swim with whale sharks.


Mozambique hosts a fascinating mix of cultures speaking around 40 different languages, mostly Bantu languages. However, Portuguese has remained the official language since independence in 1975 for business, law & tourism. Dance plays a large part in traditional cultures, with many rites of passage dance ceremonies performed in local communities. The coastal people are vibrant, laid back and friendly, selling giant crayfish and cashew nuts and making delicious dishes that revolve around the famous Piri-piri sauce!


Flights from Johannesburg in South Africa serve Vilanculos, Maputo and Inhambane, and Maputo can also be reached from Dar Es Salaam and Nairobi. Alternatively, self-drive from South Africa is an option, but a 4×4 is essential. There are also direct flights from Nelspruit to Vilanculos twice a week, connecting visitors easily with Kruger National Park. Helicopter and air transfers are arranged to island destinations, or road transfers will be provided to mainland lodges and hotels.