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Zimbabwe is home to one of the most spectacular & dramatic destinations in Africa, first and foremost Victoria Falls, “the smoke that thunders”, first seen by David Livingstone who proclaimed the sight must have been “gazed upon by angels in their flight”.

The place for adrenalin-pumped activities like bungee jumping, white river rafting, watching elephants roam free and even helicopter flights over the falls. Combined with rich cultural experiences like the local markets and traditional villages;

along with incredible wildlife, including the Big Five, a Zimbabwe safari offers a once in a lifetime African Safari honeymoon or holiday experience.

Highlights of Zimbabwe


“The Smoke That Thunders”


Wild and remote but exquisite wildlife viewing.


One of the finest wilderness areas in Africa.


Sunsets, birdlife, fishing & Big 5 Safaris!


The Zambezi River forms the northern border of Zimbabwe, flowing into Lake Kariba and then through the Zambezi Valley and Mana Pools, providing a perfect water source for huge numbers of wildlife and bird species. Zimbabwe boasts some of the largest numbers of elephants and buffalo in Africa, usually gathered at the river banks, together with lion, hyena and cheetah. Special conservation efforts are in action in Zimbabwe to protect the endangered African wild dog. Hwange is Zimbabwe’s largest national park with exceptional game viewing.


One of Africa’s jewels in terms of landscape and wildlife, but tourism declined tremendously due to political turmoil over the past few decades. As the country stabilizes, visitors realise that Zimbabwe is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets in terms of wildlife and African safaris. Its people a diverse mix of Shona-speaking (the Karanga, Korekore, Manyika, Ndau, Rozwi & Zezuru groups) and Sindebele speakers, both Bantu languages originating from when the Bantu tribe populated the region over 1000 years ago.


The easiest way to get to Zimbabwe is to fly via Johannesburg in South Africa, with easy daily flight connections. Harare is the most common entry point; from there, domestic air services are operated between Bulawayo, Karibe Airport and Victoria Falls. Charter flights can be arranged to local safari airstrips. For self-drive, Zimbabwe has good road connections and hire cars can be collected and dropped off at all major airports. Be aware and drive with a full petrol tank as distances can be vast with few petrol stations.